NN’s Convention Centre branding

NN’s is a convention centre for business meetings and marriages, based in Kerala, India. I was asked the create the identity for the centre, in the form of a lettermark

ClientNN's Convention CentreServicesConvenion centre for eventsYear2016

NN’s is a convention centre for events such as marriage
and corporate events. The centre is designed in the form of an amphitheatre.

Thought Process
The logo has to convey the idea of union/people coming together,
because it’s a place for people to gather.
Since the design is similar to an amphitheater, it would be a good idea to  have some of the Greek / Roman design elements in the design.
It’s an added benefit that these elements look good and give a luxury/high-end/exclusive feel.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Final approved logo