Ann Satya Organic Branding

I was asked to create the identity for ann satya organic, selling organic food sourced from farmers around India, using natiral organic ways of crop cultivation, with zero chemicals.

ClientAnnSatya OrganicServicesOrganic food Year2015

First route

A few ideas were presented. This is the first one. A mix of fingerprint and farm. Fingerprint meaning hand made, exclusive. And, farm, for obvious reasons. The colours chosen were earthly.

Second route

This is based on the logic “Organic food leads to a happy
and healthy family. The imagery in the logo is an illustration
of a happy son and dad in the fields, among the nature…

Third route

” Organic food is a gift to your loved ones”

Final approved logo

This is a relatively simple take on the logo..
No major embellishments, true to the mening of the word “satya”, which is truth”. A watercolor mark is incorporated into the logo, which shows the “organic” part